We pray to be first and foremost led by The Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit above all. AMEN.

Spiritual Leadership


Co-Founder of The OMEGA Church

Lead Pastor/Prophet Brett Fallon

Brett Fallon feels most blessed and honored to serve his Lord Jesus Christ. Fallon is the Lead Pastor with wife Gloria A. Fallon of The OMEGA Church who focuses on sharing the Kingdom of God to the Nations. Fallon has a license as a lay minister under the American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware. For the last ten years, Fallon has been the lead dance minister of his dance company, Dance Elite* which also included dance outreach and therapeutic dance to the region of Northwest PA and beyond. In this season, Fallon is blessed to be co-raising his bonus step-children Oesya and Eva. He looks forward to his new marriage and growing the family with his bride Gloria!

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Co-Founder of The OMEGA Church

Senior Pastor/Apostle Gloria A. Fallon

As a daughter of the most high God, Gloria is humbled to serve Christ's Church. Pastor Gloria holds two ordinations in the ministry of Jesus Christ and has received much education. "I honor every ministry, church, teacher, university, council, association, pastor, and organization that has helped and served me in every way. I found that as I served each of these organizations, they too have left such an impact on my life and the life of so many others. I especially thank  and honor The Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America (Chicago Synod)  and New Jerusalem Lutheran Church, my natural father, the Rev. Willard Rhodes for giving me the oversight to learn and begin nearly 20 years of ministry under your love and covering well before December of 1999. I am so grateful and I honor the American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware, and Wayne Park Baptist Church. Forever I will honor  and cherish the place and people of God where God called me to serve as well as make history as their youngest, and first, African-American female Pastor at age thirty-three."  


A first in the 188 year history of Wayne Park and in the 223 year history of The American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware, telling of the anointing and call of God on her life. It was no small feat. As a single-mother of two children, Rhodes began her new journey with Holy Spirit after she recounts " Jesus Christ saved my natural life and my eternal soul. He came that we would have life, and at that, life more abundantly. I am a witness." After being saved from certain death, Apostle testifies that she was "loved back to life" and no longer abused or tormented by her past. "The same love that lifted me, I need others to know so that they may be set free and stay free indeed. Gaining salvation is great and of the utmost importance. There is also a hope in this lifetime as well, and in both cases, the answer is Jesus Christ. It is a part of my life purposes to praise Jesus, and teach people how to obtain what God desires for us here in the present time. Let us inhabit The Kingdom of God and a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and Abba Father."  

There are many, many, other institutions and organizations that have also assisted in  the personal development and accreditation of Pastor Gloria, however "One waters, another plants, but it is God who provides the increase and with that being said hallelujah!"  A governmental and influential teacher, preacher, prophetic apostle and evangelist; Apostle Gloria was given a command in 2018 as God called in The Spirit, for Apostle to return to evangelism and begin to develop a media-based ministry. She began coordinating Evangelistic Festivals with her then friend and soon-to-be revealed husband Brett Thomas Fallon. As their relationship and fondness of heart grew, so did the church God destined for them to actuate in the Earth.  Married May 2nd, 2020 Mr. and Mrs. Pastors Brett Thomas and Gloria A. Fallon embarked on their life journey and were called two thousand and fifty-three miles  away from what they once knew to plant The Omega Church in Costa Mesa, California 4/3/21 with remote locations in Orange County California, Erie, Pennsylvania and Lusaka, Zambia. 

Pastor Gloria is the 100-fold wife of Pastor Brett Thomas Fallon, natural mother of Oesya (16) Eva (14), spiritual mother to many spiritual sons and daughters.


Overseer of OMEGA Erie

Pastor Dennis Horne

Pastor Dennis Horne serves The OMEGA Church as the Overseer/Bishop for the Northeast US region 

"For to this end we toil and strive, because we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe."

- 1 Timothy 4:10


A father of four girls and one boy, and grandfather of two, "I didn't live the 'Christian Life'. Living for a time in New Orleans as a young, boy, I learned of Jesus through my grandmother Lucille. I attended church a few times a week, as was customary in the south at the time for those who believed. But shortly after coming back to PA to live with my parents again, that relationship grew distant. The family unit was unstable, and after the divorce of my parents, I spent most of my childhood in and out of various lock ups and rehabilitation institutions.

As a young adult I found the lady who I thought was the one (which may have been, but my decisions caused that conflict), and we started making babies...fast. But the enemy had a hold on me, and anger, lust, and addictions followed me for over a decade. I started my return to Christ by being the Culinary Exec Teacher for Christos Cafe, a youth ministry involving developing a relationship with Christ as well as a training program which could teach a variety of skills (culinary takes more skills than just a pot and stove!) that they could take with them throughout life. Shortly after I became a member of Wayne Park Baptist Church in Erie, PA and was baptized. After baptism I didn't start “walking on water” however, and still continued to struggle with sexual immorality and alcoholism. One night the Lord spoke to me and told me to empty out the rest of the bottle, and to follow Him. I followed from that day forward. It took me a couple days in the ICU, but He cleaned me without even feeling sickness or pain. Since then I have not stopped pursuing Him, and getting others to understand who Jesus is apart from the religiousness most are brought up to know Him. To have relationship with Him and to understand the Kingdom of God.

I have a Certificate in Pulpit Supply from the ABCOPAD, American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Also I am now a ordained Pastor. I currently Supply the pulpit for Wayne Park Baptist Church, and am Region Overseer for the Northeast Division of The OMEGA Church."

Boyd Mendez Muthombo
Boyd Mendez Muthombo was born in Angola on January 01,1987 and raised up in Solwezi City, Zambia.  He was the first born in the family of four from poor pagan parents.  Mendez was a sickly infant who was always fainting.  His education was irregular due to the poor financial status of his parents.   With conversion and call to ministry, Mendez was converted at the age of ten after his mother spoke about a sin that he had committed.  As a young convert he became very zealous in winning souls and in conducting outreaches in villages and helping other minister and ministries in the ways of the Lord.
Mendez Supreme Task
1) Soul winning
2) To equip and perfect the saints by the revelation of God’s word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit so that the body of Christ may be built up till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ is my primary concern.
With a motto “The kingdom of God is at hand,” working towards this goal of reaching the world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Mendez is committed to preach the massage of our Lord Jesus Christ "in season and out of season”, wherever in the world the door opens for him.

Prophetess and Minister
Mandie Fried

Mandie Fried is recently an ordained minister of The OMEGA Church.  The Church is excited to see Mandie grow in the ministry God has given her.  Mandie is a proud mother to five beautiful children.


Prophetess and Minister

Diane Fedak

Diane Fedak is recently an ordained minister of The OMEGA Church,
The Church is excited to see Diane grow in the ministry God has given her.   Diane's first ministry is being a loving mother to her son.

Board of Directors


Brett and Gloria Fallon

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Vice President

Samantha Paskorz
Samantha Paskorz is a returned prodigal daughter, who after years of practicing a new age lifestyle and progressive ideations, had a supernatural encounter with God who arranged her return to Christ through the witness of a blind man to be redeemed by her Savior, Jesus Christ. Samantha encourages others as she shares how God continues to heal and restore her. She is a prayer warrior and intercessor.  Samantha is married to Aaron and they have two lovely (and lively) boys, Alex and Chase.  She attends Watson Run Church of God in Meadville where she sits on the Leadership Team and Planning Team for The Ignite Festival. She has a degree in Communications and is currently employed at Project Hosts.​

Associate Vice President
Dennis Horne
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Mandie Fried

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Diane Fedak
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Boyd Mendez Muthombo
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